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Whether you need your electrical panel repaired, replaced, upgraded, or installed, we can handle it and keep your cables nice and tidy, too! When we install turn key network cabling projects, everything is tested and certified. Modifications and additional network cabling for existing buildings are among our diverse skills. Drawings are provided with all connections and certified cabling reports for our customers with networking needs.

A row of electrical panels, with a satisfyingly clean conduit arrangement.
Two of our electricians grease some heavy duty wires as they insert them into a pipe here in Mount Shasta

We have invested in several expensive tracers over the years to locate damaged underground electrical problems. This allows us to locate underground electrical wiring for our customers before trenching or digging. We trace and map out entire building electrical systems and create electrical as built drawings. For projects up to 800 amps, we offer electrical engineering, which includes electrical design and load calculators.

Our electricians worked on a fence with lights installed in the least visible manner possible.
We pride ourselves on:
minimally visible installations,
Our electrician, using a puller to pull wire into a electrical panel.
always having the right tool for the job,
Electrical panels without their final covers on to show off how well organized our cable management is.
and clean cable management.
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